Committed to the art of perfecting the craft of cooking.



A love for what I do, a passion for food, and innovation using various cooking techniques.



Of creating a lasting memory while never settling for just what I know.



That is inspired by local organic ingredients, seasons, and surroundings.


These Are My Restaurant Core Values 


Passion is the reason we do what we do...it's what drives us every day. It's a funny thing, because people can tell when you're not being genuine...they know when you are not passionate. It shows. If you love what you do, you put everything into it. 



In the restaurant business, everyone has to work together. There needs to be harmony in your team. You may not like someone, but we all have to work together to get the job done. Also, harmony in the literal sense--meaning the harmony of food and wine.



We don't take ourselves too seriously. I want my team to be humble--to appreciate and listen to others. We work as a team and I want people to accept they don't know everything. It's okay to mess up, as long as you learn from it. I also want my team to know that everyone is important, no matter who you are. The dishwasher is just as important as the executive chef--everyone plays a role in how the restaurant runs. Without one person, it doesn't run right.



We like to have fun! We don't take things too seriously, and I have always tried to promote creativity and innovation. I want my cooks to color outside the lines and have a good time. That’s where some of our best ideas come from.



This is so important--not just for the restaurant, but for life. You need to care for yourself, care for your team, care for your guests, care for your community. If you don’t care, why should anyone else?



I really believe it takes courage to do what we do, to admit your faults and to know there's always something we can do to be better. To stand up and admit you can do better takes a lot of guts.  



Ownership means to take ownership and to do your job--not just for yourself, but for the company as a whole. We're all working towards the same end goal.