Sauces & Soups

This class will cover the preparation and use of stocks, how to make a variety of soups and the four mother sauces  also how to expand upon these sauces, to compliment any dish.

 Fusion Cuisine 

Fusion cuisine focuses on the combination of ingredients and techniques from diverse cultures to create an end result which challenges the artistic and creative abilities of the cook and the dinner. We will be covering the blending of Asian, French, Southwestern, and American dishes.


Wine and Food 101

This class will cover the basics of pairing food & Wine to enhance your dinner.  We will discuss how to pick out the right wine to go with the right food, for all occasions from appetizers to dessert. You will learn how to pull the flavor components out of wine and food for a unique pairing experience. I will also show you how to prepare a simple four course wine paired dinner in your home. 


Basic Baking 

This class will cover how to prepare some basic desserts and simple dessert techniques. We will make everything from custards to chocolate desserts. I will demonstrate how to melt chocolate, make crème brulle, flourless chocolate cake, tiramisu and fruit tarts. 


Sophisticated Salads 

This class we will discuss how to dress up the ordinary salad into a meal of its own. We will cover how to make a wide variety of dressings from simple vinaigrettes to more advanced emulsion dressings. You will learn how to make salads that fit every season, using the freshest ingredients.


Food Basics 

Abandon those fears! There is a kitchen in your house, don’t be afraid to use it. This class will cover a wide variety of topics from simple to more advanced techniques. We will cover the various preparation and cooking methods for meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Also proper knife skills, use of ingredients, cooking terms, and how to shop.


Under the Sea 

This class will be diving into the depths of the ocean to learn about the many different varieties of fish and shellfish out there. Also, we will cover how to shop, clean and prepare fish and seafood.