My mission is to enhance your appreciation for healthy foods, inspire you to make positive food choices, awaken your inner chef and to prove that healthy cooking doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Food is a great way to learn about and experience the culinary diversity of the world, this can be done by using fresh regional and seasonal ingredients. I want to share my passion for healthy globally eclectic cuisine with you and change the way that you look at healthy food. I can accomplish this through educational demonstrations, hands on learning experiences, lunch in learns or in-home cooking classes. Together we will create bold flavors that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle and keep your taste buds satisfied. In my opinion cooking and sharing meals together is a simple way of connecting with each other. Also, cooking can help us to feel confident about who we are and gives us the chance to express ourselves creatively while doing something deeply practical with edible results. I believe implementing small fundamental changes in the choices that we make every day in the food we eat will have a large impact on the future of our health and having a healthier lifestyle. Health happens daily, minute by minute, bite by bite. 


On Site Cooking Demonstration Menus

6 Menus That Inspire

Healthy Choices 

Sample Tasting 


Goat Cheese Truffles

En Croute Pheasant Pate With Figs

Pistachios & Port Wine

Chicken Consommé With

Chanterelle Mushroom Quenelles

Grilled Asian Pears, Fennel,Radicchio With Ginger Honey Mozzarella & Toasted Hazelnuts Drizzled With Fig Vinaigrette 


Seared Scallops Florentine On The Half Shell With Saffron & Scarlet Orange Reductions


Mint & Rose Water Sorbet


Rack Of Venison With A Cherry & Thyme Crust Served On Butter Nut Squash Puree With  Brandy Peppercorn Sauce


Cabernet & Black Pepper Poached Bartlett Pears Filled With Cambozola Mousse


Trio Of Dark Chocolate Truffles 

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